Hand Picked

All worms are hand picked to ensure proper healthiness, quantity, etiquette size, quality and liveliness. Our wild worms are some of the best fishing bait and composting worms available.


Wild Worms is a earth worm distributor that specializes in providing customers with some of the most competitive online prices for live premium earth worms.

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Save even more money by scheduling a monthly order and get your worms delivered at the same time each and every month. See full details at checkout.

Hand Picked Premium Earth Worms

All worms measure approximently 3 to 6 inches or larger.

250 Wild Worms

250 Worms

Try our service with ordering a small sample of 250 earth worms for $15 FREE Shipping.


500 Wild Worms

500 Worms

500 earth worms should be enough worms for several days of fishing or to use in a small compost system.


1000 Wild Worms

1,000 Worms

1,000 earth worms should be enough worms for lots of fishing or to use in a medium sized compost system.


2000 Wild Worms

2,000 Worms

Grab 2,000 earth worms and attempt to catch every fish in the lake. Also used for breakingdown larger compost system.


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